ECM Elektronika Profi Due, 2 groups - espresso machine -


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  • Automatic dosing of 4 cup filling quantities
  • Optional: manual coffee extraction
  • Automatic brew group cleaning program
  • Elegant design with rounded stainless steel housing
  • Switchable from water tank to fixed water connection
  • High quality ECM brew groups with innovative stainless steel bell
  • Commercial pressostat
  • Built-in Rotationspumpe
  • Automatic boiler filling
  • Professional tilting valves for steam and hot water extraction
  • 2 ergonomically angled ECM filter carriers with balanced weight distribution

Dual circuit portafilter machine with two electric E 61 brew groups, illuminated push button control panel, rotary pump, thick-walled chrome stainless steel housing with elaborately finished rounded edges and high device feet.

The perfectly crafted stainless steel case impresses with its reduced lines and unique elegance. In addition to the patented ECM-E61 brewing groups, the illuminated control element for the electronics, which can be used to control and program the espresso machine, is striking. There are also two outlet pipes for steam and hot water on the front of the electronics, which are operated with professional toggle switch valves and are mounted on ball joints. In addition, the pipes are angled for the application and equipped with "No Burn" technology, which prevents the milk from burning on the steam lance when frothing. The front panel also includes two pressure gauges showing the pressure in the boiler and pump circuit and a toggle switch to turn on the machine. There is a cup rack with a cup warmer on the top of the machine.

The electronics take 20-25 minutes to heat up. The brewing process is controlled via the control panel. Thanks to the two-circuit thermosiphon technology, the steam can already be extracted during the brewing process. This portafilter has both a fixed water connection and a three-liter water tank, which has an automatic switch-off if there is a lack of fresh water thanks to a reed contact. The Elektronika has an automatic cleaning program that can be started via the control panel.

Inside the electronics you will find a very quiet and smooth-running rotary pump, which produces the 9 bar pressure required for espresso. The pressure of the boiler, like the pressure in the water circuit, is displayed on the front on the corresponding pressure gauge and can be adjusted via a pressure switch. Inside the electronics there is an insulated copper tank with a volume of 4.0 liters. 

Technical details:

ECM E61 brew groups And
ring brew groups No
fresh water tank that. 3 l
Boiler volume that. 4 l
Kupferkessel And
Edelstahlkessel No 
boiler pressure gauge And
pump pressure gauge


PID control  No
Display  No
filling quantity programming And
pump type Rotary pump

Water tank/fixed water connection switchover

Drehventiltechnik  No
tipping valve technology And
Large cup warming surface approx. 26 Bags
Removable cup warming surface  No
ECM filter carrier

Yes with angled handle

number of filter holders 2
warm-up phase 25-30 min
Performance 2,500W
Tension 230 V, other voltages on request
Weight 43,5 kg
Dimensions (without filter holder) W x D x H

585 x 475 x 445 mm

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