Bienenfee Coffee DeCaf (decaffeinated)

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Recommended preparation:

Portafilter machine, filter machine and fully automatic machine.

Our DeCaf is a medium-strength decaffeinated coffee that can also be used as an espresso. It has a fine, soft and nutty taste. You'll hardly notice that it's decaffeinated.

Our DeCaf is powered by the CO2-Process decaffeinated:

  • No chemical residue: CO2 evaporates so that no chemical residues can be found in the coffee. This process produces clean decaffeinated coffee.
  • Enjoy the full decaffeinated aroma: over 800 different aromas lie dormant in coffee. They are essential for an aromatic pleasure experience. While other processes with caffeine also partially extract aromatic substances, CO binds2 exclusively caffeine. All other components that characterize the aroma and taste of the coffee are fully preserved. This is how decaffeinated coffee becomes a pleasure with a full aroma.
  • Recycling effect: On the one hand, the CO2 the caffeine in its pure form from the beans. In this way, the pure caffeine can be processed for other purposes, e.g. for medicines, cosmetics or other foods. On the other hand, CO condenses2at the end of the p

Origin: Brazil

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