Bean Fairy Cold Brew Powder


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Cold brew is a refreshing coffee-making method for hot days. Cold Brew is prepared with cold water and an extraction time of at least twelve hours. We'll show you how:

The name already gives it away: Cold Brew is not brewed with hot water, as we know it from filter coffee, but extracted in cold water for several hours. It contains about 70% less acids and bitter substances than coffee that was brewed with hot water and tastes really fruity and refreshing.

  1. Coarsely grind 100 g of coffee and mix it with 1 liter of water (we recommend this St. Leonhard's springs water), then stir well.
  2. Cover your preparation vessel and leave the coffee in the fridge for at least 12 hours.
  3. Filter the cold-extracted coffee.
  4. Enjoy the finished cold brew pure or Mix with ice cubes, milk or fruit juice.

We recommend 3 types of coffee:

Monsooned Malabar 100% Arabica from India

Cold Brew Flavor: Medium-bodied, slightly chocolaty & nutty

Wild coffee Bonga (Fairtrade) 100% Arabica from Ethiopia

Cold Brew Taste: Strongly spicy & slightly fruity

DeCaf (decaffeinated) 100% Arabica from Brazil

Flavor: Medium nutty 

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