Bialetti Cappuccinatore manual milk frother with double sieve for induction


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A practical milk frother, cappuccinatore made of stainless steel by Bialetti. Whether milk froth for the latte macchiato and cappuccino or cream for ice cream or cakes, no problem - thanks to the double sieve.


  1. Fill the cappuccinatore with milk to a third of its capacity.
  2. Place on a suitable heat source: if it is a gas flame, adjust it so that the flame does not protrude over the edge. If you have an electric hotplate or a ceramic hotplate, set it to medium heat. If you use the cappuccinatore on an induction hob, make sure that you find the right size for it.
  3. Do not leave the frothing rod in the container while you are heating the milk.
  4. When the milk is hot, remove the milk frother from the heat and place it on a smooth, non-slip, heat-resistant surface. To handle the device, hold it by the handle.
  5. Insert the lid
  6. Now you can move the frothing stick up and down vigorously. 
  7. Thanks to the double sieve, the preparation time is very short: 10 seconds are enough to prepare a good milk froth
  8. If you wait a moment (without the lid) before pouring the milk, the froth will become even firmer. But you also have the option of frothing the milk for longer than 10 seconds, so all the milk becomes froth. According to your taste
  9. Now you can pour the milk into cups or glasses, using a spoon to help maintain the consistency.


  1. Allow the cappuccinatore to cool before washing. Do not use any scouring agents or aggressive chemicals for cleaning.
  2. Clean the frothing wand after each use.
  3. To achieve a longer shelf life, store the cappuccinatore carefully and avoid knocks and scratches on the inner coating

Technical specifications:

  • the case is made of 18/10 stainless steel
  • also suitable for induction
  • Content 330 ml for approx. 6 cups
  • Height approx. 17 cm base Ø approx. 9cm

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