BIALETTI ALUMINUM ESPRESSO MAKER for 3 cups electric espresso maker MOKA


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This Espresso cooker von. Bialetti  prepares not only, like the traditonelle Entry  a good cup of coffee, but can be taken anywhere if required. For example on a trip or in the office, so you can treat yourself to a pleasant and aromatic break. 360° rotatable, therefore ideal for left- and right-handers. With a high level of safety thanks to the new heat-resistant silicone handle. Now with a smaller base - therefore space-saving.


Simply fill in water and coffee, place the pot on the station and press the switch. After a short time, the acoustic signal will tell you that your espresso is ready. Or program the Easy Timer when you want to enjoy your espresso (breakfast, meeting, guests). The cooker then switches off automatically and keeps the espresso warm for 20 minutes. 

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