Which type of coffee preparation is best for you? In a filter machine or with a fully automatic coffee machine?

Whether the choice is a coffee machine, in which the coffee is brewed through a filter, or a fully automatic coffee machine, depends on the various wishes and ideas of the consumer.

When deciding on a coffee machine or a fully automatic coffee machine, an important decision criterion can be the frequency of coffee enjoyment, for example whether "only" a simple filter coffee is considered sufficient and desired or whether many different coffee specialties such as latte macchiato or cappuccino are enjoyed , Espresso and other coffee varieties should provide variety.

There are many different coffee specialties that cannot be made in a simple coffee machine for filter coffee. Fully automatic coffee machines are equipped with an additional milk tank and can therefore also automatically produce coffee specialties with frothed milk.

In coffee machines, on the other hand, only filter coffee can be prepared as the only coffee variant. The fully automatic coffee machine produces coffee at the push of a button according to certain pre-settings, the coffee programs. The coffee machine ensures that the correct amount of coffee beans is removed, grinds the beans freshly before brewing, heats the water to the temperature specified for the coffee specialty and can also provide steam and water pressure, for example when preparing espresso.

The filling of the storage container for coffee beans and the water tank is necessary for the preparation of several servings of coffee with a fully automatic machine. In the case of a filter machine, however, the container and the water must be refilled every time after a complete cycle.

In the filter machine, coffee is prepared for a single cup or up to 10 or 12 cups of coffee, depending on the size of the coffee machine, in a few more steps than with a fully automatic coffee machine. If coffee that has been ground beforehand is used, some of the fresh aroma can be lost through storage. Otherwise, the coffee must first be ground separately in a coffee grinder before being filled into the paper filter.

In the filter machine, however, the drink can be prepared according to self-portioned amounts of coffee and according to your own recipes, for example by adding various spices. For example, in coffee machines for filter coffee, flavor variations can be created, for example by adding cocoa, cinnamon, chilli, cardamom or other spices.

Some features and differences in key points

Fully automatic coffee machine:

  • automatic preparation at the push of a button according to pre-set programs,
  • Coffee beans are automatically ground in the right amount directly before preparation,
  • Fully automatic coffee machines are also available as machines with coffee capsules or coffee pods, with these fully automatic coffee machines the capsules are filled with the appropriate ground coffee blends for the respective specialty,
  • great variety of different coffee specialties, such as cappuccino, espresso, latte macchiato and others,
  • large water tank, storage tank for coffee beans and collecting container for coffee grounds, thus little work and production of many portions possible until the next refill and emptying of the coffee grounds container,
  • higher acquisition costs and possibly greater maintenance or repair costs,
  • Well-known manufacturers of fully automatic coffee machines are, for example: Melitta, DeLonghi, Siemens, Krups, Bosch, Philips, Nescafé, and other manufacturers or sales companies.

Filter machine:

  • Practical household appliance that in most cases only takes up little space and fits into even the smallest kitchen,
  • Cup size adjustable from 1-10 cups
  • significantly lower acquisition costs,
  • only the production of filter coffee is possible - however, the amount of coffee used can be determined by yourself and taste variations are possible according to your own recipes with the addition of cocoa or spices,
  • Moccamaster offers the best taste of all filter machines
  • Preparation for 10 cups within 2 minutes
  • Quieter preparation than with a fully automatic machine
  • Moccamaster handmade in Holland with a 5 year guarantee

Further possible criteria for the choice of the coffee machine or the fully automatic coffee machine

In private households, the very large difference in the purchase costs of a coffee machine for filter coffee or an often much more expensive fully automatic coffee machine can be a decisive reason for the choice.

In offices, practices or other commercial companies, on the other hand, the fully automatic coffee machine is often preferred, for example because of the much higher coffee consumption by employees and customers.