Mahlkönig EK43 Profimühle schwarz


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  • very robust, classic mill with high grinding capacity
  • versatile to combine: normal coffee grinding, fine Turkish or espresso grinding
  • the bag holder ensures that the coffee bags are firmly in place
  • the spout is reliably cleaned by bouncing the bag holder handle
  • easy adjustment of the degree of fineness
  • the funnels can be shut off with a slide so that the funnels can be exchanged for different types of regrind
  • Ground goods: coffee, spices, cereals, poppy seeds, linseed

Every coffee and espresso lover has certainly heard of her before. The coffee grinder EK43 - the undisputed top dog and all-rounder for coffee nerds, topbaristas and coffee houses. 

The special feature of this all-rounder coffee grinder is the special arrangement of the grinding discs. Excellent particle size distribution (PSD) is achieved by positioning the grinding discs at right angles to the motor. To ensure maximum extraction of the ground coffee, the ground coffee particles should ideally be exactly the same size. Parameters such as the grind of the grinding discs, the type of grinder and the arrangement of the grinding discs have an influence on the particle size. The particle size should be around 250 µm for an espresso and around 600 µm for a filter coffee. 

Another advantage of this professional grinder is its special design, which Mahlkönig has been producing since the 1970s, when the company was still managed by the founding Stawert family. It offers plenty of space for a wide range of applications, such as filling bags for the commercial trade with ground coffee, through to high-precision single-dosing for the ambitious home barista. 

The high-precision and fast grinding degree adjustment is one of the best and enables a quick and reproducible change between different brewing methods. The almost non-existent dead space due to the vertically arranged grinding discs makes the EK43 a perfect all-rounder in all environments. The grinding speed, with 98 mm grinding discs made of a special cast, naturally leaves nothing to be desired. Like all Mahlkönig professional grinders, the EK43 is manufactured in the Hamburg factory.

If there is not enough space for this masterpiece, Mahlkönig has launched an “S” variant that is significantly smaller with the same performance.

Technical specifications:

mill  Technology
  • Grinding process: Electrical / Motor
  • Regrind dosage: Manual quantity dosing
  • Bean hopper capacity (grams): 1200
  • Bean container material: plastic
  • grinder: disc grinder
  • grinder material: Hardened steel grinder
  • Grinding disc diameter (mm): 98
  • Grinding setting:Yes, stepless
  • Dead space: Less than 1g
  • Width (mm): 230
  • Height (mm): 770
  • Depth (mm): 410
  • Weight: 24kg
  • Number of revolutions: 1480
  • Milling speed (gr/s): Not specified
  • Energy
  • Power watt): 1300
  • Voltage (Volts): 220-240
  • Frequency (Hertz): 50




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