Eureka Mignon Classico 16 CR Coffee Grinder White Electric

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Coffee grinder with anti-electrostatic system (ACE) to prevent the ground material from clumping. 300 g plastic bean container. 50 mm disc grinder. 1350 rpm. 260W/ 230V. Switching from manual to time-controlled operation at the push of a button. Reference button above the fixed plastic fork. Micrometric, infinitely variable adjustment of the degree of grinding by means of a rotary wheel.

The Eureka Mignon Classico is the ideal entry-level version. The grinder consists of a 50 mm grinding disc, which is made of stainless steel. Like all new mignon grinders, it also features ACE technology, which prevents the ground material from clumping and electrostatic charging. A microswitch with a start/stop function is installed above the permanently installed plastic portafilter fork. The micrometric grinding degree setting is infinitely variable using a rotary wheel.

Technical specifications:
– 50 mm disc grinder
– ACE technology (against clumping and electrostatic charging of the ground material)
– manual and time-controlled operation
– Microswitch start/stop function
– Fixed plastic portafilter fork
– 1350 U/ min
– 260W Motor
– Micrometric grinding degree adjustment via rotary wheel
– 300g bean container

Width: 120mm | Depth: 180mm | Height: 350mm

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