Bundle Rocket Flat TCA Schwarz mit Eureka Magnificent


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  • Dual circuit with boiler insulation
  • Steam temperature control (approx. 0.9 to 1.2 bar in 0.1 bar steps)
  • New high-quality housing design
  • New spinning wheels
  • New portafilter handles
  • Eco mode (can be deactivated after 30 minutes or completely)
  • Water tank reserve sensor
  • Boiler cover for energy saving

The Rocket Appartamento TCA is the latest addition to Rocket Espresso and marks the exciting next generation of the popular Appartamento espresso machine. It is with proud anticipation that we present this further development, which sets new standards with advanced temperature control and modern aesthetics. The Appartamento TCA builds on the legacy of the iconic Appartamento and even surpasses it in terms of features and performance - a true top-class espresso machine for the home.

The design of the Rocket Appartamento TCA is a real eye-catcher that draws everyone's attention. The introduction of two new design elements gives the machine an even more coherent appearance. The back features a distinctive, protruding Rocket logo that underscores the connection to the Rocket Espresso brand. The curved side parts fit in harmoniously and give the machine an elegant touch. The characteristic "appartamento circles" on the sides have been highlighted by a sophisticated embossing that gives them an intriguing three-dimensional effect. The new brew group has been purposefully designed to convey strength, reliability and precision – attributes that are the essence of the Appartamento TCA. The refined Rocket knobs provide a stark contrast to the machine's impressive steam and water delivery performance.

In terms of technology, the Rocket Appartamento TCA stays true to the proven roots of the original Appartamento. But the most important innovation is undoubtedly the temperature control. Thanks to the "Temperature Control Adjustment" (TCA), an advanced PID control, the temperature can be set precisely. This enables optimal extraction of the coffee and guarantees a taste experience at the highest level. The combination of proven technology and innovative temperature control gives the Appartamento TCA its characteristic name "TCA".

The Rocket Appartamento TCA is the perfect choice for discerning coffee lovers looking for an exceptional espresso experience. With its captivating design, precise temperature control and proven quality, it will take your coffee enjoyment to a new level. Immerse yourself in the world of exquisite coffee art and experience the essence of a perfect espresso with the Rocket Appartamento TCA - every day anew.

Technical specifications:

Water brew group
  • water tank:
  • Removable top
  • Water tank volume (litres):
  • 2.5
  • Water connection:water tank
  • Faema E61 brew group:
  • And
  • Brewing temperature controllable:
  • And
  • Portafilter diameter (mm):
  • 58mm
  • Portafilter included:
  • 2
  • Machine type:
  • dual circuit
  • Pump type:
  • vibration pump
  • PID Temperature Controls:
  • And


  • Power watt):
  • 1350
  • Voltage (Volts):
  • 220-240
  • Frequency (Hertz):
  • 50 / 60


  • PID Temperature Controls:
  • And
  • Kesselmaterial:
  • copper
  • Boiler volume (Litres):
  • 1.8
  • Kesselmanometer:
  • And
  • Boiler insulation:
  • And
  • Width (mm): 270
  • Height (mm): 358
  • Depth (mm): 448
  • Weight: 22kg


Eureka Magnificent 15BL

Silent Technology 

Quiet grinding anywhere: in a café or at home

The exclusive anti-vibration solution reduces grinding noise by around 20 dB compared to conventional grinders and paves the way for a new way of grinding coffee: precise and quiet.

ACE System

Anti-clotting and electrostatics

The ACE system was developed to prevent the formation of lumps and to counteract the electrostatic charging of the ground material. It comes standard with all Eureka On-Demand coffee grinders. By regulating the coffee ejection, the ACE system ensures unsurpassed cleanliness. The ACE system is the common denominator of all Eureka coffee grinders. Thanks to the regulating effect of the coffee ejection, the ACE system ensures incomparable cleanliness and a very good dose of stability.

Espresso & Brew

Special grinding disc design

Universal, height-adjustable "Hands-Free" portafilter fork

Useful, robust and easy to regulate.

Thanks to a specific geometry and the adjustable fork, the Eureka portafilter fork is ideal for any type of portafilter and allows the barista to perform other activities while grinding.

"High speed" maintenance
Easy and quick maintenance

The typical mechanical design of our grinding disc carrier, which can be dismantled with just 9 screws, enables the grinding discs to be replaced quickly and cleaned thoroughly. This saves both precious time and coffee.

Touchscreen (2 boxes + Manual)

55 mm grinding discs for high grinding speed

Scope of delivery:

1 Rocket Appartamento TCA Black Black in manufacturer's packaging

1 portafilter with 1 spout including sieve insert

1 portafilter with 2 outlets including sieve insert

1 Aluminium Tamper

1 Eureka Mignon Magnifico 15BL original packaging 

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