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Eureka coffee grinder Helios 65 black


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5 year guarantee

  • 65 mm high speed disc grinder
  • Grinding capacity up to 4.5 g coffee/sec.
  • 1380 rpm at 280 W
  • Multicolour touch display with 3 programmable portion buttons
  • Digital dosing counter, accurate to hundredths of a second
  • Adjustable and removable ejection
  • Variably adjustable portafilter fork
  • Capacity bean container 1.2 kg
  • 5 year guarantee

The Eureka Helios 65 is one of the two new High Performance On Demand espresso grinders from Florence. In addition to the strikingly modern design, the mill impresses above all with its remarkable performance features. It grinds up to 4.5 g of coffee in one second. A wide range of functions can be selected via the menu on the multicolour touch display. For example, you can set a service display for replacing the grinding discs. Three programmable portioning settings and the digital dosing counter with an accuracy of one hundredth of a second make the barista's work even easier and more precise. The adjustable and removable ejector, in conjunction with the variably adjustable portafilter fork, ensures that the ground coffee falls perfectly into a wide variety of portafilters. The HELIOS 65 with its great design and impressive features is a must for every "coffee worker" who values ​​comfort and maximum performance.

Technical specifications:

grinder disc grinder
grinder size 65 mm
grinder material Special hardened steel
grind setting Infinitely adjustable
Capacity bean hopper 1200 g
housing material Aluminium
Broad 22 cm
depth 25cm
Height 60 cm
Weight 12 kg
Performance 280 Watt

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