ECM Mechanica VI Slim


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  • Latest version
  • Espresso and steam can be drawn off at the same time
  • High-quality ECM brewing group with stainless steel brewing bell
  • Practical toggle switch with many different options:
    - Three temperatures selectable (120°C, 124°C, 128°C)
  • - Pre-infusion ON/OFF function
    - ECO mode ON/OFF function
  • powerful dry steam output for fine-pored milk froth
  • Automatic shutdown of the machine in case of water shortage
  • Ergonomically angled filter holder with balanced weight distribution
  • large stainless steel kettle with 2.2l capacity
  • high-quality E61 brew group with stainless steel trumpet
  • Vibration pump, stored quietly
  • Easily accessible expansion valve for individual adjustment of the brewing pressure



The ECM Mechanika VI Slim is the new compact espresso machine in the ECM family, a dual-circuit machine with a compact design, perfect for small kitchens.

The news at a glance:

ECO Mode

Now you can decide for yourself whether you trust the specified values ​​or decide for yourself when the eco mode should be active.

Preinfusion on and off

Especially those who want to prepare a really good espresso will not be able to avoid sophisticated pre-infusion technology. It ensures ideal (pre-)moistening of the ground coffee in the brewing unit. In this way, a more intense aroma can be specifically teased out of the coffee. The new Mechanika VI therefore enables the barista to switch the technology on or off at will.

    Three boiler temperatures to choose from

    A crucial factor is the temperature of the water heated in the boiler. And that's exactly what can now be easily set to 120°C, 124°C and 128°C with a switch on the underside of the machine. Thanks to the convenient usability, the temperature can also be easily adjusted.

    The Mechanika VI Slim is the ideal portafilter espresso machine for people who have little space and still want to drink a very good espresso and cappuccino at bar level. ECM has installed high-quality technology in a small space here, the housing in the appealing retro design is finely processed down to the last detail. Thanks to the two-circuit system, water and steam are always available at the same time. The steam output is excellent, the espresso is convincing, it is perfectly extracted with a nice crema. 


    Technical details:

    Water brew group

    • water tank:Removable from the top
    • Water tank volume (litres): 2,8
    • Water level indicator: No
    • Water connection: water tank
    • Coffee water quantity adjustable: Manually
    • Number of brewing groups: 1
    • Faema E61 brew group: And
    • Saturated brew group: No
    • Preinfusion:
    • And on / off
    • Brew group heating: 
    • Thermosiphon
    • Portafilter diameter (mm): 58mm
    service Technology
    • cup rack: And
    • Cup warmer: And
    • Maximum cup height (cm):
    • 9
    • Heat-up time (minutes): 
    • 10 - 15
    • steam reference: Drehrad
    • Connection: 230 V / 1,350 W

    • Width (mm): 250
    • Height (mm): 395
    • Depth (mm): 445
    • Weight: 20,2
    • Machine type:
    • portafilter machine
    • Design type: dual circuit
    • Pump type:
    • vibration pump
    • Pump pressure gauge: And
    • Maximum pump pressure:
    • 15
    • PID Temperature Controls:No
    • Cold Touch Dampfrohr:And
    • Kesselmaterial:stainless steel
    • Boiler volume (Litres):
    • 2,2
    • Kesselmanometer: And
    • Boiler temperature adjustable:
    • Yes, 3 levels


    • 1 ECM Mechanika VI Slim in original packaging
      1 single portafilter incl. sieve
      1 double portafilter incl. sieve
      1 blind screen
      1 plastic tamper 
      1 cleaning brush 

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