Bialetti New Moka Induction 2 Espresso Bag-Moka


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  • Loved espresso made easy
  • With stainless steel boiler suitable for induction fields
  • In the colors red and black, it is an absolute eye-catcher
  • Available in three different sizes


In its upper form, the Bialetti New Moka Induction has also remained in its octagonal shape. However, this model differs significantly in terms of appearance from the usual espresso pots from Bialetti due to its lower boiler made of stainless steel. Thanks to this boiler, espresso cooking succeeds on the induction field. This is a whole new way of cooking. It opens up a whole new world and gives the espresso connoisseur the choice between normal hotplates and the induction field. So nothing stands in the way of espresso enjoyment.

  • Detail information:
  • Made of high quality aluminum
  • Espresso maker for 2 cups
  • Also suitable for induction cookers
  • Bottom diameter: 9cm

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