Bezzera Matrix DE dual boiler espresso machine


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  • 3,5" Touch-Display 
  • Intensity and color of the side panels can be adjusted using RGB LEDs
  • integrated timer
  • 3 PID-Thermostate
  • Buttons for programming the water flow rate.
  • Manual reference possible
  • Automatic brew group rinsing program
  • To be put into operation either by tank or mains water
  • Beautiful rosewood handles
  • Dualboiler
  • Rotary pump


The new Bezzera Matrix DE is a sophisticated, compact portafilter espresso machine with Bezzera brew group and volume programming. The sophisticated software and electronics have a 3.5" touch display, which can be used to control the double boiler system.

The optical highlight of the Matrix DE are the illuminated side walls, the brightness and color of which can be changed via the display. Thus, the matrix lights up in the right color for every occasion (can also be used without LEDs).

The new DUO-model is a sophisticated compact espresso coffee machine that incorporates the functions of a professional espresso coffee machine and is available in the DE version with Bezzerea brewing group and 3 PID thermostats and in the manual MN version with traditional E61 technology; the more sophisticated software and electronics have a 3.5" touch display, which allows the control of the double boiler system.
The side panels are made of stainless steel.


DUO DE - 3 PID thermostats – Bezzera brew group

The Bezzera brew group is heated by an electrical resistance activated by a PID thermostat that maintains a constant temperature.

The 2nd PID thermostat regulates the water temperature in the boiler intended for coffee extraction, guaranteeing optimal thermal stability within a range of 88-96 ° C.

The steam and water circuit is connected to an independent boiler controlled by a PID thermostat, which allows optimal steam performance even with intensive use.

The DE version is equipped with a coffee dosage controlled by a microprocessor, with 4 coffee brews that can be programmed directly from the keyboard; the fifth button activates the manual dosing process.

In both versions, the hydraulic system, driven by a rotary pump, can be used with the 4-liter water tank or operated directly on the water pipe via a fixed water connection.

Technical specifications:

  • Design type: Dualboiler
  • Pump type: Rotary pump
  • Pump pressure gauge: And
  • Maximum pump pressure: 9
  • PID Temperature Controls : And
  • Cold Touch Dampfrohr: And
  • Material housing: stainless steel 
  • Boiler volume (Litres):0.45
  • Kesselmanometer:And
  • Heating time: 10 minutes
  • Width (mm): 310
  • Height (mm): 420
  • Depth (mm): 470
  • Weight: 31 kg
  • Power watt):1100 - 1300
  • Voltage (Volts):220-240
  • Frequency (Hertz):50 / 60
  • Preinfusion: Yes, time-controlled via electronics, yes, mains pressure fixed water
  • Brew group heating: Electric
  • Brewing temperature controllable: And
  • Portafilter diameter (mm): 58mm
  • steam reference: Kipphebel
  • Timer: Yes, integrated


  • 1 Bezzera Matrix DE espresso machine in original packaging
    1 1-piece portafilter with 1-piece sieve
    1 2-piece portafilter with 2-piece sieve 
    1 blind screen
    1 cleaning brush
    1 Plastiktamper
    1 flexible hose with 3/8m inch connection
    1 operating manual

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