Why a portafilter machine is the best way to drink coffee

Reasons to buy an espresso machine (portafilter machine)

1. The taste


A first reason, one Buy espresso machine, of course it is taste. No matter how good the coffee machine is, to them Perfection of an espresso from the Portafilter machine the fully automatic machine cannot come close. Preparing espresso on the espresso machine does take some practice, but after a short period of getting used to it, you too will become one wonderful espresso or coffee Prepare with the portafilter machine.

Not only will the espresso convince you in terms of taste, if you buy an espresso machine you will too Experience the world of milk foam anew. Creamy, airy and delicious the foam only works with the portafilter machine.

Not only the espresso will convince you in terms of taste, if you buy an espresso machine you will of course also get it Experience the world of milk foam anew. Creamy, airy and delicious the foam only works with the portafilter machine.

2nd reason: the preparation


In contrast to a fully automatic coffee machine, it is not enough to just press a button after purchasing an espresso machine. Starting from Grinding the coffee beans up to Pressing (tamping) the coffee grounds in the portafilter. The Espresso machine demands a lot manual work before the black gold gushes out of her. With the knowledge of the manual work that goes into the espresso, it tastes even better.

3. The hygiene

One of most important points besides the taste superiority is clearly that hygiene. Almost every fully automatic coffee machine starts to go moldy inside. This is because a lot of coffee powder is distributed inside the machine over time. So are they Milk pipes often a hygienic one problemthat modern fully automatic coffee machines struggle with.

Both aspects meet one Espresso machine not too. Because the coffee grounds are above the portafilter only in contact with the group head. This can light using a cleaning brush supplied cleaned will. Also at Frothing the milk you just have to Steam lance clean. A component that is easily accessible and accessible on the espresso machine. A Portafilter machine therefore no mold slingshot but the best way too hygienically clean coffee to prepare.

4. Repair and maintenance

Compared to modern fully automatic coffee machines, most portafilter machines look like technology from the last century. 

The advantage of an espresso machine is the durability of the components. If something is defective, it can usually be exchanged in a simple manner (for example in our own repair shop in Landshut). Consequently the follow-up costs are reduced at the Buying an espresso machine. An advantage that is particularly evident in terms of a long device service life.

When example be the one here Rancilio Silvia called. The first model generations from the Year 1998 are still today working. Which coffee machine reaches a Lifetime of over 19 years? If you pay attention to high-quality equipment processing when buying an espresso machine, you will be able to use it for many years.

5. The variety of flavors

The variety of flavors in coffee preparation is the last reason that speaks for buying a portafilter machine. The advantage of the espresso machine starts with the Selection of coffee beans. The beans in the coffee grinder can be exchanged for a different type of coffee bean with little effort. A There is no mixing of old with fresh beans. And also in the Making coffee even can when buying an espresso machine influence on the taste of espresso. Starting with the attitude of Grind up to Power when tampingwho have favourited Espresso Machine individual variations in the preparation of Coffees. Experimentation creates a variety of flavors that cannot be discovered with a fully automatic coffee machine.