Wiedemann Manufaktur

Wiedemann Tamper 58,5mm Nussbaumholzgriff


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Wiedemann Tamper 58.5mm with walnut handle from American walnut.

  • ergonomic handle design
  • adjusted height for straight lines
  • Wooden parts treated several times with biological hard oil - 100% Made in Germany
  • Stainless steel tamper plate
  • high-quality American walnut wood
  • original from the WIEDEMANN MANUFACTURE

The Wiedemann Tamper 58.5mm with walnut handle makes coffee preparation a unique experience. The ergonomic handle design creates a formative feeling when tamping. The perfectly adjusted height of the tamper plate makes it easy to check whether you have just tamped. This ensures optimal compression of the coffee puck, which ensures a better extraction result and has a positive effect on the coffee taste. The handmade processing at Wiedemann sets the highest standards of quality and aesthetics. 

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