Mazzer Mini Electronic B aluminum high gloss

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  • Grinding time adjustable for 1 or 2 cups
  • manual reference possible
  • very quiet and gentle grinding thanks to the slow, low-speed motor
  • optimized grinding discs for faster grinding compared to the previous version
  • 64 mm stainless steel grinding discs

The Mazzer Mini Electronic B Alu High Gloss is the perfect entry-level model from Mazzer, the respected manufacturer of espresso grinders. This grinder impresses with its outstanding performance and first-class workmanship, which has made Mazzer a synonym for quality in the world of coffee bean grinding.

Adjustable grinding time for 1 or 2 cups:
The Mazzer Mini Electronic B Alu High Gloss offers you the option to precisely adjust the grinding time for one or two cups. This allows you to ensure that you always get the perfect amount of freshly ground coffee, according to your individual preferences.

Manual purchase possible:
With the manual option you have full control over the grinding process. Whether you're using the grinder for French press, espresso, or another style of coffee making, this grinder allows you to customize the grind to your liking.

Very quiet and gentle grinding:
The Mazzer Mini Electronic B Alu High Gloss is equipped with a powerful low-speed motor that not only works extremely quietly, but also ensures particularly gentle grinding. This means that the coffee beans are not overheated and their flavors and oils are retained, resulting in outstanding coffee quality.

Optimized grinding discs for faster grinding:
Compared to the previous version, the Mazzer Mini Electronic B Alu High Gloss was equipped with optimized grinding discs that ensure a faster grinding process. This saves you time and allows you to enjoy your fresh coffee even faster without compromising on quality.

The Mazzer Mini Electronic B Alu High Gloss is undoubtedly the top model in the Mazzer Mini series and will delight you with its outstanding performance and adjustability. It is the perfect choice for coffee lovers who place the highest demands on their espresso grinder and want full control over their coffee enjoyment. With its elegant aluminum high-gloss look, it is also an eye-catcher in every kitchen or espresso bar. Get the Mazzer Mini Electronic B Alu High Gloss and experience the world of coffee enjoyment on a new level.

Technical specifications:

  • Regrind delivery: Direct grinder in portafilter
  • Regrind dosage: Automatic dosing timer , Manual quantity dosing
  • Amount of regrind memory locations: 2
  • Bean hopper capacity (grams): 320
  • Bean container material: plastic
  • grinder: disc grinder
  • grinder material: Hardened steel grinder
  • Grinding disc diameter (mm): 64
  • Grinding setting: Yes, stepless
  • Hands-free operation: And
  • Width (mm): 150
  • Height (mm): 440
  • Depth (mm): 340
  • Weight: 10.2kg
  • Number of revolutions:1400-1600
  • Power watt):250
  • Voltage (Volts):220-240
  • Frequency (Hertz):50 / 60

Scope of delivery:

1 Mazzer Mini Electronic B aluminum high gloss

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