969.coffee - Elba IV V02 All Black

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  • Solid stainless steel housing, black matt powder-coated

  • Compact dual circuit espresso machine

  • 1.5 L copper kettle with anti-oxidation treatment

  • Coffee cover traditional with a small lever (walnut)

  • Copper boiler for an optimal coffee temperature

  • Steam dispenser (walnut) with 2-hole nozzle

  • Adjustable boiler pressure by means of a pressure switch

  • Manometer for checking the boiler pressure

  • Water level sensor with switch-off in the event of a lack of water

  • Drip tray completely removable for better cleaning

  •  Sliding cup rack mounted on ball bearing rails

The Elba IV V02 espresso machine from 969.coffee is a true masterpiece in terms of coffee enjoyment and aesthetics. With its solid stainless steel housing, it radiates elegance and robustness, which is an eye-catcher in every kitchen.

Compact dual circuit for perfection

This espresso machine features a compact dual circuit that allows you to make espresso with the quality of your favorite café at home. The 1.5 liter copper kettle has a special anti-oxidation treatment to maximize durability and coffee quality.

Traditional coffee cover with walnut lever

The heart of the Elba IV V02 All Black is the traditional coffee cover, which is operated with a small lever made of fine walnut. This allows you to precisely control the extraction of your espresso and release unique flavors.

Optimum coffee temperature with copper kettle

The copper boiler ensures a constant and optimal coffee temperature, which is crucial for a perfect espresso. You can be sure that every sip of coffee with the Elba IV V02 All Black will be a pleasure.

Enjoy steam with a walnut nozzle

The machine's steamer is also accented with walnut and features a 2-hole frother, allowing you to infuse milk to the perfect consistency for cappuccinos and lattes.

Precise boiler pressure and control

The Elba IV V02 espresso machine offers the option of adjusting the boiler pressure using a pressostat. An integrated pressure gauge allows you to monitor the pressure and ensure it is always within the ideal range.

Water level sensor and drip tray

The machine has a water level sensor that automatically shuts off when there is a lack of water to prevent damage. The drip tray is completely removable, making cleaning a breeze.

Sliding cup tray for convenience

The Elba IV V02 features a sliding cup tray mounted on ball bearing rails. This allows you to conveniently place and serve cups of different sizes. In addition, the cup tray does not have to be removed when filling.

Faema E61 brew group from Italy

This high quality portafilter machine features a Faema E61 brewing group, made in Italy and known for its quality and precision. This element is crucial for the extraction of espresso and ensures that your coffee is always perfect.

The Elba IV V02 espresso machine from 969.coffee combines first-class materials, precise technology and timeless aesthetics to offer you an unparalleled coffee experience in your own four walls. Enjoy espresso, cappuccino and more with this exquisite machine that takes coffee culture to a new level.

Technical specifications:

Brew group: Faema E61
Maße (cm): b: 23,5 x t: 43 x h: 40
Boiler volume: 1.60 l
Power: 1500W
Voltage: 230V -50Hz
Pump: vibratory pump
Warm-up time: 10 - 15 minutes
Wassertank: 2,5L
Weight : 21 kg

Scope of delivery:

1x Elba IV V02 All Black espresso machine in original packaging

1x Simple portafilter

1x double portafilter

1x Blindsieb

1x Tamper


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